Three Cosmo visions disputing the link with God – Cutin tells his story

One of the best things in life is to learn from your colleagues. A couple of days ago Cutin was talking to Lourdes (she is from the low lands in East Bolivia and has lived about 20 years here in the Altiplano) and she started to tell him about how when you see Bolivia in the big steps of history, you can see three main Cosmo visions lived by Bolivians today.

First is the Judeo-Christian vision, which is still dominant. It is linked to rites and to the definition of holidays. Bolivia was a Catholic state, until the big shift implemented by social movements, by Evo Morales and MAS, when they confirmed a new vision of the pluri-national Bolivia. Cutin was surprised to see that quite recently Evo Morales visited Pope Francisco in the Vatican.

The second Cosmo-vision is the Aymara-Quechua, from the Andes. It has completely different symbols to the first and there are no different hierarquies. The relation with land means the relation with the gods, and it means health! Bolivians today can get any of the more traditional or the most modern health systems, which are attached to class too. When a girl or a boy is born, s/he is presented to community. Parents have to wait until the baby’s hair is long enough. Then, they make a plait. Community members receive a plait and they give the child between B/ 200 – B/ 300. This becomes the initial capital that he/she might invest in sheep or other animals.

In order to mix both (which Cutin found disempowering) different celebrations have been created. One of them is the carnival in February when you combine both visions.

The third Cosmo-vision  are the Evangelists covering now around 30% of the population, and it keeps growing. Today I was using my Sony radio (present I got from my mom) and it was astonishing to see the many radio programmes broadcasting the different beliefs!

After listening to Lourdes, Cutin decided to watch how these three expressions are happening in Bolivia today. He will tell you more, I am sure!


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