Cutin walked from Obrajes (his flat) to Calacoto

It took him more or less the same time he spent walking from Summertown to High Street in Oxford. Cutin was telling me that he was happy because the 35 min walking went down the mountain. Easy, ah? It was great when he saw on his right the La Paz Fair that was launched a couple of days ago by the government. After making some photos he kept walking.

It caught his attention to see that as he descended meter by meter, there was a kind of strange correlation linking the height of the buildings with the price and decoration. Richest people live at the bottom (lowest part) of the city.

As he was trying to buy matches, cherry tomatoes, basil, spaghetti, almonds and Parmesan cheese (one of Jamie Oliver’s recipes), he decided to go to Ketal. He found all he needed, and then he realised that Ketal is very similar to super-markets in the UK. All fruits and tomatoes and vegetal products were very similar to those in M&S or Sainsbury, with regular shapes, same size, etc., etc. Then he realised that vegetable products were better in Hipermax or in Super 10.

As his way back home was up the mountain, he decided to use a Puma Katari. Though it was a bit packed, all went well. He was delighted to see the courtesy and solidarity of people in the bus. A very old lady using her ‘pollera’ and her typical hat was seating on the stairs of the bus, in the exit door. Seated passengers called her to offer their places. She went happy!

When Cutin was going out of the bus, a very old lady, as old as his mom, tried to leave the bus, but her legs were very weak and she didn’t have the energy to go down the stairs to the street. After several people helped her to go out of the bus, she went away, walking slowly.

Cutin went to his flat to make spaghetti. It tasted good!


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