TV, radio, music and masculinism

Upon arrival to El Alto, Cutin got a room at the Radisson hotel, in Sopocachi. It was very good because he had access to Plaza Bolivia and to several cultural activities. When he tried to watch TV, he had access to Cable TV and then he could watch all types of programmes.

When he moved to Obrajes, he tried to watch the national TV, and it was not that simple. Many different codes were mixed. The TV was quite old, and the programmes were quite boring. Worst than all, he had no access to cable TV. Then he tried to listen to the radio. This was an interesting search. Then he discovered that most of the stations were broadcasting  ‘novelas’, old romantic music, sports, and all type of religious programmes, mainly from Evangelist churches.

So he didn’t have anything against novelas , old or new music, sports or religion, he kept trying and then he got one station broadcasting in French. This was Radio France International.   It was great because then he could listen about the Guernica happening in Gaza, about the Malaysian plane, about the plane which fell in West Africa, and, of course about the Tour de France.

It was interesting for him to find that Radio France was alternating its French broadcast with some Bolivian programmes. As Cutin is a masculinist and feminist, he was astonished to listen to a very good interview to Bernardo Ponce about masculinity in Bolivia and in Latin America. He was explaining how women are suffering violence from men and how it was perceived “to be natural”. He indicated that the are important improvements happening every day.

According to what Cutin listened, there is a lot of reflection and better practice happening now all over Latin America. Men are finding the way to express their emotions: crying, being happy, feeling sad, etc. It will be important to know more about Bernardo Ponce and to learn from the work that they are doing!


2 thoughts on “TV, radio, music and masculinism

  1. Hello Constatino – Lisa sent me your Link. La Paz eh? What about that view of the city as you drive around the rim on the outskirts? Had a wonderful time there, but did have my back-pack stollen but it probably went to help a less well off person – amazing what you can do with a bag of dirty laundry. Well Sir hope you have a great time in a great sub-continent. Come back safely. Yours aye Captain Bagsy


    • Hi Captain!

      it’s good to get your comment. When did you come? The city is beautiful and it had a lot of investment that you can see on streets and parks. There is also a lot of work on preventing disasters from climate change.

      So, you were stollen? I had the same experience in Italy (wallet), in The Hague (many bikes) and in Oxford (a few bikes). It’s a problem of big cities and you have to take care!




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