Power to people started in 1995 – Urban planning for 2040

One of his colleagues was telling Cutin that if he wanted to interpret what is happening with the cities and with urban development, he had to understand what happened after Act 94 – Power to people – was approved in 1995. Act 94 gave new roles and more power to municipalities.


At around 2000 the Fiscal Pact was defined and the municipalities had to present Annual Operational Plans. In the case of La Paz, after the floods destroyed an important part of the city in Black February (2002), the bigger urban centers started to include the fight against natural disasters as part of their planning.


People discovered that living in cities meant risk and that municipalities had to increase the time for their planning. It started to be done in 2005 for the next four years, and for the second time in 2011 keeping targets, activities and plans for 2040.


At the moment the two neighbors, El Alto and La Paz (both part of the Metropolitan area – two million people) keep growing. Everyday 360,000 people from El Alto descend to work in La Paz, at the same time that 40,000 people from La Paz go to their jobs in El Alto. And both cities keep growing!


Cutin will go to El Alto on coming Sunday!


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