Bolivia: Israel is a terrorist State; get a visa now!

Cutin was surprised two days ago, when he read in La Razón, in La Paz, that the Bolivian government had told the national and international community that Israel is a terrorist state. From the 30th of August, any Israeli who wants to visit Bolivia should bring a visa.

This resolution happened after more than 1,400 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army. Israel moved from Category 1 (no visa) to Category 3 (terrorist state).

It becomes clear that the Israeli community living in Bolivia is so small that they will not be affected. Being part of Category 3 does not mean that the entry is negated. The Israelis have now to apply for a visa.

The Palestinian representative in Bolivia, Ayman Altaramsi expressed his thanks to president Evo Morales, at the same time that the Israeli representative, Ricardo Udler expects that this measure will be stopped soon. He indicated that Israel is a State, while Hamas has been declared as a terrorist by many countries.

One of his Bolivian friends told Cutin that Israeli reaction was exactly the same as that of a woman (Palestine) who kicks out the man (Israel) who just raped her. This was the moment when Cutin recalled that when he visited Gaza in 1995, the place was exactly as any of the concentration camps in the Holocaust.


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