Let’s find a vegetarian lunch!

Since Cutin landed in La Paz, almost 2 weeks ago, he wanted to explore the ‘Food field’. He told me about the delicious food that he had tried, but he wanted to find something specifically vegetarian. With the variety of products, there should be good vegetarian food.

One of his colleagues told him to go towards the Popular Market, down the Siles Avenue, and then in front of the bridge, on the right, find a small entrance and go down the stairs to find Mary’s Vegetariano. He told me that he was very happy after the experience he had.

Though the room was a bid dark, it had 5 main tables with one man having his lunch. Cutin said nothing to him, but asked for the attendant. A woman came and gave him a shinning metal tray and indicated him to go through the pots:
– At the centre of the tray he put the salad: chuño, lettuce, tomatoes (not that many), carrots and spinach;
– In a small dish he put picante (hot sauce);
– Vegetable soup
– Choclo
– Rice
– Fresh apple juice
– Desert: quinua with milk. Fantastic!

What a banquet he had! As he was starting to eat, people started to come for their lunch. This was something special, because everyone who came in said to him, face to face: “Buenas Tardes, buen provecho”. Wow, he had never seen this type of interaction happening in real time among people who had never met the others!

The last guy who came in – more or less Cutin’s age – told him if he could sit in the same table. Cutin told him that he was about to leave. Then the guy asked Cutin: “how old are you? Are you already a pensioner? Here in Bolivia, according to the new law, you can have two pensions!”. Cutin will have to check if this is true or if the guy was pulling his leg!


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