The Bolivian nation in the times of the Pluri-national state

One week ago, Cutin had the possibility to attend the colloquium that was organised by PIEB. It was opened by Godofredo Sandoval, followed by short presentations made by Fernando Mayorga (sociologist), Javier Sanjinés (Literature) and Luis Tapia (political scientist). Then the results of eight research projects were presented. Cutin thinks that it was fantastic listening to the several presentations, in order to understand questions presented to Bolivians nowadays.


Some of the key ideas that he got were:

• The present nation recognises and affirm social diversity;
• The revolutionary nationalism continues to exist in a simultaneous way coming from modernity and from globalisation. In real terms ‘globalisation’ means mainly ‘South-Americanisation’: strong links with Brazil (gas, soy), the Plata Basin, and the growth of relations with China.
• The traditional party system collapsed and it was replaced by campesino and indigenous movements. The Constituent assembly held in 2009 considered some of the new political contradictions.
• The topic of “multicultural citizen” is important.
• It’s important to understand the existing polarity between soy entrepreneurs from Santa Cruz and the Aymara traders in La Paz.
• Cutin was surprised when he Heard that the “pluri national state” is coming as a new mask, overlapped with other recent masks: contractual, national-populist, modern, syncretist.

Bolivia is now facing a complicated and complex puzzle. The values that are coming from globalisation are so overwhelming and strong that indigenous people and urban middle class will fail.

Cutin left the Colloquium thinking that constituting the pluri-national state is the real and concrete political bet!



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