Uuuuuff … Cutin lost his wallet today!

According to what he told me couple of hours ago, at around 13:45 he decided, finally, to go North in order to reach the Sagárnaga road, where he could see beautiful handicrafts. Before leaving, he wrote on a post-it note that he had to buy a bottle of water and some kind of hydration cream. The rest was to walk and to enjoy the landscape! Well, but before leaving, he went back to the flat to get B/ 300 (US$ 40) to have money to pay, in case that something might come up.

He left. He had to cover 6.3 kilometers and … all the time up the mountain.

After 20 minutes walking along the Costanera (important highway) he could see the Illimani snow mountain. Beautiful.  After another 20 minutes walk, he met Saint Ignacio of Loyola,   who was on the top of the mountain watching the Illimani too! Cutin was laughing. Then he started to cross under enormous bridges which are connecting different mountains. Good engineer work, he said!


He kept going until he found, face to face with a painting of Carlos Gardel. The Plaza Gardel and the Gardel building were there. Nearby he met two workers who had big pots of mambe (coca leave) in their mouths. Cutin asked them about the Sagárnaga road and very gently they explained how to reach there. At this moment he watched a huge poster announcing VIGRXPLUS. He wanted to make a picture, but the sun did not help. As he started to meet more and more people, he avoided any contact with anyone, and as he walked, he was always touching the wallet in his pocket. It was there.

It was only after a few metres that he got to a pharmacy and bought the latest Niveas Hydration Express. He took money from his wallet to pay. After another 20 min or so, Cutin met Simon Bolivar, on his horse, with his sword, achieving the last details of the Bolivian independence, on the 6th August 1825. It was at this moment, when he touched his pocket that he realised that the wallet was not there! Either it has been very gently robbed or … he could have left it in the pharmacy.

He tried to get back to the pharmacy, climbing mountains, descending, looking everywhere. He couldn’t find it and he got sad. He went to an Internet café to know where he was! But he couldn’t put it on the map. He was exhausted, with no money to buy a glass of water or to go back! He asked a taxi driver how to get to Obrajes, to his flat. The driver told him to walk 1 more block and then descend and descend until the end. This is what he did. It was after 20 minutes or so that he saw Gardel and the Vigrxplus poster… He did not think about making photos. He got to the pharmacy. It was still open.


He told the woman who had sold the cream that he had left his wallet there. She smiled,   and she gave it back. Cutin was alive and happy and smiling again! He bought a box of chocolates and gave it to the woman, and after drinking 2 mandarin juices and a quinua salad, he went back home, with the wallet in his pocket!



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