Walking from the Radisson Hotel to CasaIdeas La Paz – Multicine

What a day!

I have been without eating during the last three days or so. Most probably I neither peel the tomatoes or the apples, nor washed the basil and I had a strong diarrhoea during three days. Yes, I know that I have had a strong experience in ‘strong’ environments, but most probably the main cause was my lack of care, change in altitude, and change of food. Anyway, now I am feeling well and back to the blog.

Today I said to myself that I should have a good lunch. Then I chose to go to explore Topocachi in order to understand why people like so much going there. I left the Puma Katari and started to walk. Suddenly I recognised the Hotel Radisson, where I stayed during my first 4 days in La Paz. Hmmm… it should be a good place to eat, said my stomach to my brain!

I went into the hotel and took a table for two. They had a huge and varied buffet offering all types of salads (one of them having choclo and seafood), hot food (trout from Lake Titicaca, or chicken or pork), potatoes, batatas, yucca, deserts and Chupe de Mani. The Chupe is a soup coming from Peru,  made with vegetables, ground shrimps and ground peanut. Wow, the mix of flavours and colours that I had at lunch!

Then I went to walk. The Brazilian Embassy is a huge and precious building. Schools and government buildings and… suddenly I got to one of the Alexander coffee shops. But I didn’t want to drink a coffee because I had already had Mate de Manzanilla. When I considered to keep walking, I realised that the coffee shop was part of CasaIdeas – Multicine. 


I went in and the feeling was great. The building had three floors with all kind of the most modern shops, and the architects used one of the big crevices that you get all over the city. The feeling was impressive. They have 10 cinemas offering all the Hollywood stuff and one Bolivian film that I will go to watch: “Olvidados”, produced by Carla Ortiz. It tells the story about Plan Condor (for the first time!), which was perhaps the most repressive military regime in the 70’s, coordinated by the dictators of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.  It has just been launched in La Paz and very soon will go to the rest of Latin America and Spain.  I will try to see it this week!


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