Parity is Happening Now !

Bolivia is now running into the presidential election. On the 12 of October a new president will be elected and the Organisation of American States will send 50 observers. According to a survey made by the Ipsos Apoyo agency in the recent days, 59% of the intention of voting goes to Evo Morales. This is an average figure including stats from La Paz (68%), and figures from all other departments. In Beni the support for Morales is 35%. If we add all votes from the 4 parties in the opposition, the total indicates 25% of supporters in La Paz, while 39% is the voting in Beni. According to the existing figures, Evo Morales would be re-elected.

It has been interesting to read today in La Razón, that from the list of topics that the electoral offer should include, 64 % of voters have put clearly to stop violence against women.  In the urban centres the support is 2% bigger than in the rural areas. In departments like Cochabamba and Potosí the support is 73% and 75 %. Margoth Soria (Bolivian Green Party, candidate for vice-presidency) considers that the existing situation is the direct result from society, building its values on the ‘macho’ culture. The education system would be the best tool to educate new generations.

According to the Pan American Health Organisation, 7 out of 10 women have suffered violence in Bolivia. According to several of the candidates, there are rules and laws, but the problem is that they are not applied. It seems that one of the key problems is the lack of budget given to institutions to stop violence.  Citizens education and institutional budget seem to be an important part of the solution.

In this context it was great to see few days ago women’s organisations from the 9 departments launching their “Parity is Happening Now” political agenda. They go against the patriarchal domination and they are asking important questions to present democracy.  Their call considers specific actions on 5 fields:

  1. Power democratisation and political power to women
  2. Cultural, symbolic and material deconstruction of patriarchy
  3. Guarantee and conditions to live free from any type of violence
  4. Autonomy and self-determination to exercise sexual and reproductive rights
  5. Economic autonomy, recognition of economic support and re-valuing of domestic work.

In case that you want to know more about Parity is Happening Now, please go to:



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